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About Us

    Each new dawn brings a new excitement of knowing that our profession is all about bringing out the beauty in people and thus making them more confident of themselves. As an artist we at "Au Naturel" see makeup and hair styling as another form of fine art.
    "Au Naturel" is a focused and experienced group with 15 years of experience in the field of makeup and grooming. Whether you want your makeup to look natural & elegant or you are looking for all out glamour, we can make it perfect. Our artists truly set standards for personal service and attention to detail.
    We believe that your goal of an image enhancement as a successful individual cannot be completed without addressing an important facet - personal grooming and aesthetics. After all, your personality is reflected on your ability to project a neat, arresting and polished visage. Women also stand to benefit from knowing the fundamentals of beautiful yet practical makeup application.
    Our professional makeup artists ensure your look is perfect for any special occasion including weddings, special appearances, head shots for portfolios, interviews etc. Our experienced consultants equip you with practical tips on how to expertly apply makeup that will complement your unique facial features. To complete your look, our professional hair stylists suggest the most fitting hairstyles that not only suit your hair type but also fit your face shape the best.
    All our sessions are personalized so you can be assured that your individual requirements and requests are the only priority.

A few things that I could think and write about myself... I am an art and craft person...
Basically being creative in my drawings & natural at using colors motivated me to take makeup artistry as a full-fledged professional the early age of 16 when I was still in the process of pursuing my B.com graduation.
Constant efforts in generating new ideas, creating different looks and extensive research on trends that surround me keep me on the go.
Being a trained Aroma, Acupressure and Naturopathy Therapist, my healing techniques also prove to be a helping hand towards delivering by duties.
Every assignment done by me starts with an interaction with the client. This ensures that I get a basic idea not only of the occasion and it's concept but also of the client's personality and their thoughts & ideals which collectively go a long way in helping me create an ideal result that matches perfectly with their personality.
An individual's personality projection needs a collective effort. Only facial make-up is hardly enough to define or justify it. Smaller aspects like the dressing, jewellery, hair also form an important part of the overall look. 15 years of experience in pursuing these ideas has given me a deeper insight on this. Minute details may at times require major attention. Smaller ideas inspired by nature, surroundings or the client's own thoughts at times create the best makeover options.

- Vimal Gudka -

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